So what does iSay.com do?

Simple, we provide consumers in the United States with a forum for expressing their thoughts and opinions on a specific product that they own or a service that they have used. We also compensate them for doing this, regardless if their review is positive, negative or neutral.

Why would someone care about participating?

Aside from getting the personal satisfaction in knowing that someone might really appreciate what you’ve shared, we’re also going to pay you to do this. Yes, money, it’s an essential in life and we want to reward you for your hard work in creating your iSay review and promoting our community.

So how does iSay.com work?

Simple, the point of iSay.com is to provide an open and most importantly honest community that is sharing information. The preferred method is by creating a one to two minute review video (two minute max) of a product or service that you have experience with. We actually provide you with compensation regardless if your review is positive, negative or neutral.

We ask that you keep the review professional and if it is in fact a negative review, that it not be a hostile rant. Instead be constructive with your criticism and provide the company who manufactured the product or service with some suggestions on how to make it right.

So how does iSay.com make money?

The iSay.com website simply attaches affiliate links and offers within the review and if someone ends up purchasing that product or service iSay.com is then compensated. We then pass a percentage of that revenue on to you?

How much of that revenue?

Good question! We typically pay out between 25% to 50%. Why the difference?

If you are a video reviewer, you get 50%. If you are just publishing someone else's video review you get 25%.

Is this the only place my reviews will be seen?

No! In fact, we provide visitors to this website with an embeddable link so that they can publish your review on their website. The reason we do this is simple, the more places your iSay review video can be viewed the more opportunity you have to earn.

Why would someone want to purchase something through iSay instead of just going direct?

Simple, at iSay.com we are not only about providing consumers with honest reviews and information, but big discounts as well. So we have partnered with a number of top online retailers who provide us with discount codes and coupons for our visitors. So it really doesn’t make sense for someone to not use our service because our links connect them with awesome discounts to begin with.

So what if I don’t want to review anything? Can I still make money somehow?

Yes you can! If you have a website, blog or Facebook page you can place our review widgets on your site and make money that way. If someone watches a review and then makes a purchase by clicking on a link on your site, you get a commission.

We actually have a lot more really cool features and additional ways that you can earn money through iSay.com coming soon. We’re currently in Beta so it will be a bit before we launch them, but trust us, we’re going to really change the way people earn money simply for giving people their honest opinion about something.

So are there any rules, can anyone be a part of iSay?

Of course there are rules.

  • You have to be 18 years old. If you’re not 18 you are going to have to get a parents permission in order to get paid for your reviews. You have to be based in the US. You can not use profanity in your reviews. Boo censorship! Yeah yeah, we’re all about free speech, but we want to keep iSay.com a family friendly environment. Plus you’re getting paid for sharing your thoughts, it’s not like you could stand on a street corner giving your opinion about something swearing like a trucker (no offense to the trucking community) and expect to get paid for it. People would think you’re crazy!
  • No reviews of the following items: Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco or Weapons. Boo, we know, more censorship. It has nothing to do with censorship or some kind of moral stance, we are just avoiding these items simply because supporting these kinds of reviews means we have to keep a lot more lawyers around, and well, they’re not exactly the life of the party. Just kidding lawyers! (not really) Besides, if you want to review that stuff there is this other video site where you can do pretty much anything you want, swear, review rocket launchers whatever…
  • Videos should be one to two minutes long. We know that some things are more complex and you might want to take a lot of time to go over the details, add music and graphics and an intro animation. But here’s the thing, we think it is a lot more beneficial to spend ten minutes watching five or even ten different video reviews of a product than ten minutes watching one really long "well produced" review. We think that there’s power in numbers and “average quality” video reviews.
  • Finally and this is a really important rule, every video needs to start off with the reviewer saying “So this is what iSay about ___________”, the blank part being whatever it is being reviewed. It doesn’t need to be said exactly like that, but pretty close. The point is that you are starting off each video review by saying that this is what you say, simply by saying “iSay”. Confusing? Basically we want each video to use our company name in it, but at the very beginning.

Below is an example video of someone doing it the right way.

So if you’re ready to try this out for yourself simply go to the Sign Up Page to get started. Please be patient as there's a bit of a waiting list at the moment.