Halo 4 Review For The Xbox 360 Review

At $39.99, Halo 4 is a fantastic game---and it\'s not just because of its recent price drop. The game itself is very cinematic, where every cut-scene is an absolute joy to watch. The story is great and gripping; the player must race against time to save an artificial intelligence from destroying herself. The graphics, beautifully and artfully detailed. Game-play-wise, the controls still have that familiar feel from the previous titles; you use the trigger button to shoot, analog sticks to aim/move, etc. Some differences, however, are evident. For example, to cycle through grenades, different button combinations are required. Furthermore, there are some new weapons/power-ups featured, which brings some freshness to the game. Although, some weapons are only mere duplicates of each other; for example, human variations vs. alien variations of the same exact weapon with similar firepower/functions, which is a slight letdown. What really makes this game though, in my opinion, is the amazingly composed soundtrack---this is especially evident in the final level of the game---that just draws you in completely with incorporated orchestras/string-type music. Lastly, the title offers additional gameplay once the main story is beaten, such as online multiplayer and extra missions. Overall, Halo 4 will keep gamers busy for quite a while.